Think of us for all of your housesitting needs...

Housesitting encompasses our core values. It is a great opportunity to live like a local, enjoy the companionship of animals, give back to others and create new friendships and memories. This is a great exchange which awards us with a sense of purpose.

We know it's a tricky business finding the right people for the job, even more so when you have already connected with great sitters in the past. Having now cared lovingly for people's homes and pets all around the world, we are the right fit for you!

We are very conscious of being as sustainable and eco friendly as possible. Over the past few years we have spent a lot of time travelling, volunteering on farms and learning from different cultures. We love the idea of exchanging ideas, work and property to work towards a more connected community.

If you are looking for your next housesitter, get in touch with us today!

~ Kelly & Dan