8 Easy Zero-Waste Solutions to Single-Use Plastics

It's a long journey towards minimalism and zero-waste. We are still far from perfect, but both actively take steps to reduce our impact on the environment and are very conscious of our daily choices.

I have taken a lot of inspiration from Bea Johnson, the author of Zero Waste Home. I highly suggest reading her book and blogs, as they offer practical solutions you can implement in your daily life.

Dan now has a close relationship with Rob Greenfield, who he has been following online for several years. Dan has been following Rob's lead and working to reduce his possessions.

For the both of us, it has been and is a real learning curve. With single use items one of the number one pollutants, we have assembled a zero waste tool kit to simplify our life.

Shopping in bulk, means you can avoid nasty packaging and only buy the amount you need. Directly filling up your bags or jars saves you time, money and plastic. 

Here are 8 Zero-Waste Items, that make it easy to ditch Single-Use Plastics:

Switch to Zero-Waste today, by clicking on the items you like!

Your small changes, make a huge difference. Start your Zero-Waste journey today!